About Us - Wellness and Welfare

MTQ promotes work life balance through a series of healthy lifestyles programmes. The objectives of these programmes are to enhance interactions amongst our employees and to encourage them to stay fit and healthy. MTQ believes that these programmes will enable MTQ to maintain a healthy, highly motivated and productive workforce.

We look into following activities to take care of the wellness and welfare of our staff:

Physical Wellness to Ensure Healthy-living:

  • Annual Employee Health Screening Exercise
  • Daily Morning Exercise
  • Exercise-by-your-own Programme
  • Lunch-time Talks
  • Weekly & Annual Fruit Day

Physical Wellness to Ensure Health-living

Opportunities for Recreation, Employee Bonding and Family Wellness:

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Company Trips
  • Departmental Gatherings
  • Festive Celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Eid Al Fitr.

Opportunities for recreation, staff bonding and family wellness